Products and Services

We've sourced products from a number of reliable UK suppliers ensuring that the price and availability is unrivalled. All of our services are available across the capital, regardless of the size of your council or budget. We can easily add products to our range if there are additional items you would like to provide.


We source our furniture at competitive rates from reliable UK suppliers. This makes sure that we are able to provide good-quality products and deliver quickly and efficiently to the client. We are able to offer furniture in a variety of styles through our online shop enabling your client to choose a look that suits them. Our London depot keeps items in stock, averting long waiting times.

Appliances and Electricals

Whether it is a washing machine, a hoover or a toaster, we have a wide range of appliances that will suit your clients' needs. Our appliances are affordable and reliable. They come with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. Our team is fully qualified to install the items in the client's home ensuring that they have use of the item immediately.


Giving someone access to homeware means they can cook a meal for the family, keep the home clean and tidy or store things efficiently, making the most of limited space. Our range of homeware covers every room of the house. Whether it is spatulas, ironing boards, bed sheets, pots and pans, cleaning products or home storage, we can ensure that your clients have all the essentials.


Our Council Partners have made it clear that carpeting properties is one of their top priorities and one of the hardest services to keep in budget. Our carpeting service is affordable, fast and reliable. Our team is ready to respond to orders enabling your client's house to become a home as quickly as possible and with little disruption.


Whether it is help with clothing for the kids, school uniforms or a suit for a job interview, we have a solution. We provide a service, quickly delivering a high street clothing voucher to the individual or family giving them the opportunity to redeem it on the essential items they need.

Gas and Electric Top-Ups

There are few things that are more important than having energy to power your home, keep you warm and to cook food with. For many discretionary and emergency funds, being able to award energy top-ups is essential. Perhaps more than many other awarded items, it is critical that energy is awarded swiftly. Our online system allows this to be done simply and efficiently using PayPoint. Vouchers are sent electronically and are redeemable in 28,300 local shops across the UK including The Cooperative, Spar, McColls, Costcutter, Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express, One Stop, Asda, Londis and thousands of independent stores.

Property Clearances

Keeping vacant properties to a minimum is a priority. We can clear any property with a very quick turnaround, making sure that the flat or house is ready for its next occupants. We will ensure that waste is disposed of in the most sustainable way possible, utilising re-use organisations, recycling and avoiding landfill where we can. Items that are in a good enough condition can go to new homes that need them the most.


Nothing can be more fundamental to a family or individual than having food on the table. We can deliver a supermarket voucher directly to the resident, giving assurance that this essential need is provisioned for in a minimal amount of time.

Appliance Installations

We are able to provide a full installation service for all of our appliances including cookers, washing machines and dishwashers. We will also dispose of the unwanted appliance, ensuring that it is done so in the most environmentally friendly way.