How we help.

Access to essential products and services all in one place.

Part of our mission is to make your life easier. We have created a service that puts all the items you might want to award in one place. Online. Easy access. Fast processing. Happy clients.

Peace of mind that grants are spent appropriately.

All too often, a cash or voucher grant is given for one thing and spent on another. With Resco Living you can be assured that the item you award is the item that the individual will get.

An experienced team delivering a service that meets your budget and specification.

Think of us as part of your team. You can rely on us to find a solution that meets your criteria and to deliver it excellently. One less thing to worry about.

Up-to-date reporting in real-time.

Do you need to report on specific outcomes? Let us know and we can create a tool to do that. Need to see if a client has received what you awarded them? You will receive a notification at every stage of the order.

Sound good?

We'd love to meet you to discuss whether Resco Living is the right solution for your organisation.

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How we save you money.

Low price products and services.

We have a catalogue of the best products, at the best prices, ensuring you make the most of your budget.

Efficiencies in how you use your time.

By having all the services and products in one simple place, you can cut down unnecessary admin and leave your team free to be doing the important work of looking after residents.

Eliminate bogus applications.

20% of grants awarded never get claimed. People's circumstances change or perhaps it wasn't quite the emergency they made out. Working with Resco Living and delivering items directly means you can reduce unnecessary awards ensuring those who need it the most don't lose out.

Claim back the VAT.

Claim back the VAT. If you are currently using a voucher or cash system then you lose the opportunity to claim back the VAT. With Resco Living you will receive VAT invoices that are fully itemised.


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